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Wednesday, February 15, 2006

Left, Right, and Green

Greens and non-Greens alike tend to call the party "left" or liberal. I wonder why?

Progressive I'll accept, but the real, true, clean Green is neither left nor right, neither Red State nor Blue -- do I have to say it? -- just Green.

Greens are progressive in looking for a change, regressive in looking to re-localize commerce, re-root democracy and invigorate communities; conservative in striving to consume less, save resources and the planet, but liberal in our breadth of interests and acceptance of differences; Greens are officially moderate in their tone of voice. (What other group has a "vibes watcher" as a formal office at meetings?).

Green is not the new pink, and neo-socialists looking for a home are in the wrong place; likewise Green is not enviro-fascism saving the pretty planet while ignoring the plight of the ordinary people who live here.

Green is something else; it is a blend of ALL of these things, and none of them. It's something new. Something Green.

Sometimes we lose track of that.


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